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For those who may not already know, I am an intern for an advice-based social networking site called Dumblebee. It allows people to connect with others with similar interests, and from these connections, receive helpful and trustworthy advice. Dumblebee is full of actual experts on a number of subjects, so you can be sure you’re getting top-quality information on whatever it is you’re looking for. Take me for example: I’m something of a music afficianado (if you couldn’t tell already), and I work as a DJ at UCLA Radio, one of the top college radio stations in the country, and the top internet-only college radio station, writing blog posts on their site (http://uclaradio.com/) and hosting shows. Which is why Dumblebee has me around to answer your questions and handle your advice, as well as dispense my own opinion – I kind of know what I’m talking about. This blog is in a number of ways connected with Dumblebee. For instance, say I write a blog post, and people would like to discuss it with other like-minded folks: they can head over to Dumblebee and start a discussion post. Why go to another site to talk about the blog rather than just use the comment section here on WordPress? Dumblebee is, as I said, a social networking site, which connects people with others with similar interests, as well as experts like me, which would not be available on this relatively one-dimensional platform. See, here, you can follow my blog, comment on the posts, but for the most part, it’s me writing, and you reading. But with Dumblebee, we can have a discussion about whatever it is we’re listening to, what you think of my posts in general, etc. You can even add me as a friend on Dumblebee so we can have a closer connection and I can keep up on your questions. And it’s a two-way street as well! I value everyone’s opinion, so if I want to know what you think about the quality of my blogs, what album I should review next, or if I just want to have a chat about what you guys are listening to, I can start a discussion post on the site, or shoot you a message personally. So if you want to find me on Dumblebee and start a profile of your own, get started on finding that expert advice you crave and head on over to http://www.dumblebee.com and fire away!