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As their confectionary name might suggest, Cherry Glazerr peddle sticky sweet pop tunes that stick in your gums long after the initial consumption. As their intentionally misspelled name might also suggest, there is a calculated lack of effort put into the project, tapping into the uncool-as-cool vibes that their label, Burger Records, seems so adept at providing from the epicenter of the reject-rock world in the Greater Los Angeles area. With songs like “Grilled Cheese,” which is literally about grilled cheese sandwiches and seemingly contains no deeper meaning beyond being an ode to the most lazily-of-made lunches, it’s clear that on ‘Haxel Princess,’ Cherry Glazerr simply cannot be bothered.

But that’s probably the greatest appeal to this album. It’s not the second coming of Beat Happening’s ‘Jamboree,’ but it’s much more than just a couple of bored LA millennials leaning into their instruments for 25 minutes, although that does in fact seem to be what they’re doing. The title track really gets up and goes, and shows the band does have some finesse at what they do, complemented by the downright aggressive track “White’s Not My Color this Evening.” “Bloody Bandaid” is a slumping, charmingly juvenile song about crushes that can appeal to the romantically-inclined Blink-182 fan in us all. “Glenn the Dawgg,” again literally about what the title says it’s about (a real dog), is absurdly sentimental, but doesn’t make it any less adorable. By the time the surreal “Trick or Treat Dancefloor” concludes, it’s hard to hold on to any vestiges of pretension in the face of these cutesy slacker ballads.

Perhaps taking things a bit more seriously than similarly twee-tinged Burger girls like Peach Kelli Pop, what sets Cherry Glazerr apart is that the band seems so unassailably cool while at the same time being undeniably innocent and fun. More than anything, ‘Haxel Princess’ is just a treat to listen to, and would serve as a great introduction for the cynical doubter of the persistent SoCal garage rock scene.

Recommended Tracks: Grilled Cheese, Haxel Princess, Trick or Treat Dancefloor

GRADE: 7.5/10