At times it seems like the alternative music scene couldn’t be more stratified. There’s no way Orange County and Williamsburg could have anything in common. Pop punk kids would never dream of poking their heads in at a shoegaze show. Midwestern emo revivalists are held in the lowest of esteem by flannel-chic low-couture garage rockers. And yet, every once in a while, there comes a moment when certain gaps are bridged to create something amazing. Following in the tradition of such recent genre-benders like Teen Suicide, Soda Bomb sound like they could fit in as easily on Hardly Art as they could on Asian Man or Run For Cover. Their most recent release, The Future Is Gonna Suck, is the perfect road map to the bands myriad influences. Opener “Airhead” seems equally indebted to the emotionally sharp and melodic work of The Get Up Kids as it does to the slacker stomp of Pavement or Dinosaur Jr, with the hook “I’m doing just fine, I’m doing alright” serves as a mission statement befitting both the band and any self-doubt plagued indie kid. “Soft Grunge” shows the band at perhaps their most varied within the confines of a single song, all while poking fun at the Tumblr generation. Album closer “I Wanna Die” is where the band really displays its potential, soaring to the spaced-out heights of The World Is A Beautiful Place, while keeping their feet firmly on the ground ala Joyce Manor, with lyrical finesse smacking equally of both. It’s worth checking out the rest of their catalog as well on Bandcamp. They covered the King of the Hill theme song – what’s not to like about these guys?

It’s been almost a year since you put out anything. What’s in the works for you guys?
Going into the studio in about 3 weeks to record the new record!! Gonna be the illest-ish

Soda Bomb seems pretty close to the guys in The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. What’s your relationship with them?
Derrick from TWIABP has been helping us put out tapes through Broken World and we’ve played a few awesome shows with them in Penn State and Connecticut! Awesome dudes who help us out a ton.

Up to this point you’ve done all your releases through Broken World Media. Do you have any plans to move up to a record label? Is this new project going to act as a kind of selling point to labels?
I mean for any band, to move up is always sick. If we could do that, that would also be sick. But for now we’re working on a smaller scope.

What’s different about your new material from your older stuff?
If you took the 90′s and both coasts and threw them in a tornado of shred then you got the new material. The older stuff is coming from a different place as far as influences.

Can you describe your writing process?
We lock ourselves in a dated looking room and play, basically.

What are you listening to right now?
Diarrhea Planet, Failure, The Cribs, Smashing Pumpkins. And Fuzz

What would you say makes Soda Bomb different from what else is out there right now?
We’re not gonna shove our beliefs down your throat just because we’re a band.

Do you have any grand plans to tour in the near future?

Anything else you want to talk about?
Shout outs to mom, dad, Robin Williams, food tats, Daniel Bryan, WWF attitude era, fuck Batista, Dylan Sandler, Craig Wiener, not Dave Grohl, The band from School Of Rock, not Jack Black especially in King Kong, original cast of Digimon, the original voice actress of Timmy Turner, also did you know the cream in Oreos is horse fat?? HEH.